Hi, I’m Debbie. I like to be known online as DirtyDeb. I’m THE Atomic Princess because I am da bomb! I have been known to be a little bitchy but cute as fuck.  I’m young but not dumb! I figured it all out. I know how to USE my own sexuality to get what I want from men. I’m a mean little tease when I want to be, and stone-cold ice princess when I feel like it too. Mostly I am easy going, cute, and super sweet.

My mom was a sex worker. I grew up unashamed of nudity. For my mother, it was a means to an end and I know she never really enjoy some of the work she did. She came from a different generation. Being raised within the adult community I learned so many things. It shaped who I am.

For instance, I am not afraid of sex or think it’s wrong or dirty. I didn’t come from that background. That makes me FREE sexually speaking. I am open to any number of sexual activities with the right person. I don’t believe sex equals love like a lot of chicks I know do. I am capable of enjoying my own body and sex with any partner as I please. And I’m Bi in case you want to know.

I’m smart, I have equal parts of common sense and education. I’m still in college and still growing as a person. I am only 19 so I know I have a lot to learn, but I am smart. I accept other people as they are. I see the world like many of my peers do, both disappointing and exciting.